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Helping Women Release what hurts,
Gain focus, increase energy,
And Vibe High!

Let Go, Release what Hurts

Those aches and pains you feel in your body caused by tension stress inflammation and anxiety. The ingredients in Merkabody can reduce inflammation, soothe anxiety and relieve pain, so you can feel your best again.

“It has been absolutely amazing. I got this for lower back pain. It worked incredibly well, within a couple of hours I could feel a reduction of pain in my back. Also, after using it for about a week, I felt calmer in my life and more focused. So it had a phycological effect with is really amazing. I felt less stress, less anxiety and less pain throughout my body.”

Sunny Strasburg, LMFT

On Product Line

“I cannot explain to you the effect of 1 bath! My first bath with this incredible creation. In 5 minutes, it took me from having excruciating back and hip ache to feeling really great, relaxed, pain free, able to sleep, able to rest. It’s incredible, I want more!

Sydney Collins Hansen, OurOwnMagic

On Release Bath Tea

“I love this tincture in my coffee and if you are a coffee lover as much as I am you will love it too. Shilajit is a unique flavor and I love it combined with coffee. When I heard about Merkabody creating this formula I was all over it. The CBD provides a nice relaxing energy and the CBG provides a nice uplifting energy. Shilajit is one of the superfood mineral dense foods we love to use. I love it, I love Merkabody’s sourcing and sourcing is a primary key in our consumer choices. This is my favorite and go to.”

Brooke Kirk, Lifeworks Coaching

On Rise Shilajit

“I found a little piece of magic and I wanted to share it with you. It is Merkabody CBD Roll-on. We see a lot of clients who are in chronic pain, so it is such an amazing gift to roll it onto the clients and after their session, they feel fantastic. So really excited about this product. I love it and I know you are going to love it too.”

Sydney Skelton, Traditional Naturopath, Mobile HBOT

On Deep Pain Relief Roll-on

Align and activate

Increase your energy, gain focus clarity and turn up your inner light. Our Rise Formula not only feels like an on switch has been flipped but it may repair and grows your microconidia due to high levels of fulvic acid.

Lianna Warden, Divine Skincare SLC On Guayusa Tea

“I have been drinking Guayusa Tea from Merkabody for a few years now. What I like about it the most beside the amazing taste is how it makes me feel. I have been drinking coffee for most of my adult life and I love the tradition of the hot drink in the morning. What I don’t love is the crash you get in the afternoon, the sluggish feeling that doesn’t feel good. You don’t get that with Guayusa it is just a natural clean energy that keeps you going through the day and keeps you going. Love this company.”

Shelley Mehr, WimHof Method Instructor On Rise Shilajit

“I absolutely love this brand, top of the line, really good quality, integral ingredients and rare ingredients. Shilajit helps absorption and detoxes the body. I love Shilajit! Then having it paired with CBD, it’s incredible with the benefits that come with it. So if you are a go getter, a woman that is on the move and making changes, then this is for you.”

Julie Erickson, Fulltime Mom On OM Collection

“I am an intention girl. Every night before I go to bed I like to set intentions and visualize what my life is going to look like. Then again in the morning while I am getting ready, I like to do the same thing and then I give myself a little spritz with this. There is something about spraying yourself with this that is magical. Get this product, it is amazing!”

Vibe high to Glow Up!

Loving your body, mind and soul by providing yourself with Earth Remedies Ups your Bliss!  Our unique formulas were created to work on your physical body, mental body and spiritual body.

Merkabody Loves Men Too!

Rockford Orvin, ArtistOn Deep Pain Relief Roll-on

"One of my favorite products from Merkabody is this little guy. I have used it for pain on my shoulders, lower back and wrist from being an artist and using repetitive motion. I notice within minutes a total difference in the pain level and feel the product penetrating deep within the layers of the skin and tissue immediately. Pretty amazing, I definitely recommend this product to anyone with soreness.”

Ryan Killarney, L. Ac. SLC AcupunctureOn Product Line

“The CBD Tincture and the Deep Topical are products that I have used. I am not very sensitive to CBD. In the past I have used a lot and have had to triple my dose to feel something. On the tincture product, I took triple the dose and it took me by surprised. Now I go with a normal dose, the topical, really amazing, sits on the skin, not slippery, not too oily and amazing pain relief.”

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