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Merkabody’s CBD line consists of CBD hemp oil tinctures, CBD hemp derived Roll-on Pain Relief 0il which contains CBG and CBN, and CBD Bath Tea. We offer high quality full spectrum formulas that feel luxurious and are designed to deliver results one would expect from the highest quality hemp extract oils as ingredients.  The perfect solution for your daily wellness needs, to on the spot pain relief to self care rituals., Merkabody has effective, unique natural remedies that are trusted in the industry and produce results that get you feeling your best.


At Merkabody, we understand that every person is unique and has different reason for consuming Shilajit. Our Shilajit Tincture is made with  ingredients sources from ethical , non gmo, organic farms that are traced from seed to bottle. Our Shilajit Tincture is offered in it’s pure for, nano emulsified with CBD, CBG, and Delta 8, with suggested guidelines for dosage to assist you finding your sweet spot.  Our Shilajit Tincture is made using a full-spectrum blend of active cannabinoids to ensure our formulas provide the maximum benefit.  We are here to help you feel your best.


We are all about quality and integrity of ingredients. Check where Shilajit is harvested and for purity of the tincture. It’s best to choose Shilajit that is from a reputable source, ensuring that is made using clean ingredients.  Trustworthy brands wil always provide location and purity testing displaying authenticity.  Our Rise formula is special, We add cannabinoids to our formula. Always look for a full list of ingredients other with all tinctures. At Merkabody, we believe using less is more.  Keeping our formulas as close to nature as possible. We avoid using any artificial ingredients. Our Shilajit tincture is made with just a few ingredients and no carrier, leaving this natural remedy tasting natural.  Our Shilajit Tincture contains pure Rocky Mountain Shilajit. It is then nano-emulsified with water soluble CBD, CBG, and Delta 8.

It’s also important to buy from brands that provide comprehensive lab reports.  Merkabody’s lab reports adhere to Utah Certification Standards, which are some of the most strict in the country. These industry tests confirm the purity, potency and safety of CBD Hemp Oils, verifying the formulas are free of pesticides, heavy metals and other potentially harmful substances.  In Utah we also test for microbials, mycotoxins, foreign matters, and solvents, as well as our lab being organically certified, making Merkabody’s CBD oils superior to most.


Merkabody is the powerful choice for all your Shilajit needs.  We offer some of the best quality CBD oils and CBD tinctures in the country.  Our products that are ordered online, ship through the United  States and conveniently arrive on your doorstep.

We offer a monthly membership program which means that you could get your Shilajit Tincture at a discounted price.

Merkabody is also found in the offices of massage therapists, acupuncturists, Naturopathic Doctors, Psychotherapists, Health Food Stores, Luxurious Spas, Select Boutiques and places that value natural remedies.


You can expect a premium-quality product that has been crafted with the utmost care, infused with love, when buying Merkabody’s Shilajit Tincture.  Our tinctures are made using non-GMO hemp farmed in the  USA and organic, ethically sourced ingredients to create first in its class remedy. . 

Since every individual is unique and is using Shilajit and CBD for different reasons, effects tend to vary form person to person.  Using one of our Tinctures in your daily rituals will get you feeling better.


As one of the most trustworthy and reputable biohacking brands in the USA, we also believe in the unseen laws of the universe. You get what you give.  With our mission to help people get to feeling their best, your choice to shop Merkabody cannabidiol oil is a great decision. We stride to make the online shopping process as easy as possible to ensure a quick and enjoyable experience for you.  We also want to remove any risk from your purchase. We have a “Love It or its on us” policy.  When you buy your products from our online store, if you don’t love it, it’s on us if you are not satisfied with your purchase. 


  • Where to Buy Shilajit Tincture?

Shilajit is only offered by a handful of known companies.  Only Merkabody Rise Shilajit contains the benefits of cannabinoids as well as the powerful properties of Shilajit. Yet, not all Shilajit is equal, making it important to find a source you can trust. Merkabody is one of the most reputable brands in the industry and all of our formulas, Shilajit Tincture comes with a COA, Certificate of Analysis, tested by a third party.

  • What is Shilajit Used For?

This depends entirely on you. Everyone is unique and uses Shilajit for many different reasons.  We have suggested guidelines to help you find your sweet spot as it often makes for a great addition to  your daily health and wellness regime.  Many report that it has excellent stress-relieving properties, while others find it’s a great mood enhancer, but grounding you and increasing your energy.

  • How Long Does Shilajit with Cannabinoids Last?

Every body is different. Body weight metabolism, CBD concentration and whether you use your CBD oil on an empty or full stomach contributes to the overall effects, including how long it lasts. Research suggests the the effects of CBD typically last between 2-6 hours.

  • Where is Merkabody Shilajit Made?

All of Merkabody’s products are made in the USA, Utah to be exact. Our Shilajit is sourced from a local Salt Lake City Company who wild harvests the Shilajit in the Rocky Mountain Range. Our CBD is sourced locally from hemp grown organically by licensed farmers and then processed in a organic certified Utah facility.

  • What Are The Side Effects of Shilajit Tincture?

Generally, CBD oil is safe to consume, yet some may experience minor side effects. Most common reported are tiredness, decreased appetite, and minor gastrointestinal problems. However, it is more common when using a low-quality products, such as those that contain traces of pesticide and other contaminates—due to  unethical farming practices. At Merkabody, we ensure we are using the best ingredients. To date none of our customers have reported any type of side effect. 

  • How much Shilajit Should I Take?

Since every person who wants to benefit from the use of Cannabinoid infused Shilajit is unique in their needs and biology, we recommend looking at our suggested guidelines chart and starting there, then adjusting as needed. Contact us for guidance.