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We have the best source of green loose leaf form tea from the organic guayusa plant. We believe that Merkabody is the place to visit when looking to buy health related products and guayusa loose leaf tea online. Our guayusa leaves are sourced straight from Ecuador and processed in the traditional way, giving your caffeine without too much caffeine. Your purchase of loose leaf guayusa directly benefits small family farm, protects the Amazon rain forest and the indigenous people who are steeped in the tradition of Guayusa Tea. Our Guayusa is certified Fair Trade. Guayusa teas are the perfect coffee substitute


A visit to the official Merkabody website teleports you into a place filled with passionate dedication to providing the best Guayusa Teas for sale.  Our Guayusa leaves are hand picked by a few small family farms, then dried and processed in the traditional ways. Our teas are certified organic,  rainforest certified and always non gmo. When you purchase our Guayusa, you are directly supporting the protection of this part of the rainforest, families and getting yourself feeling better.


Guayusa tea is treasured for its unique balance of caffeine, antioxidants, amino acids*, vitamins, and packs an incredible burst of clean energy. Guayusa contains close to the amount of caffeine content brewed in coffee or black tea and is packed with twice the amount of antioxidant properties, that help with free radicals and amino acids found in green tea. The health benefits are many. The tea taste is naturally smooth and lacks the bitter taste, as you would find with yerba mate flavor. Our Guayusa is an easy morning ritual to be consumed while providing clean caffeine, a delightful earthy flavor, and the benefits of antioxidants in every cup.


Merkabody is the powerful choice for all your clean energy caffeine brew needs.  We offer the best quality Guayusa Tea in the country.

Our products that are ordered online, ship through the United  States and conveniently arrive on your doorstep. We offer a monthly membership program which means that you could get your Guayusa at a discounted price.

Merkabody is also found in the offices of massage therapists, acupuncturists, Naturopathic Doctors, Psychotherapists, Health Food Stores, Luxurious Spas, Select Boutiques and places that value natural remedies.

Guayusa FAQ

  • Where is authentic Guayusa grown?

  • Authentic Guayusa is typically grown in the rich and fertile soils of the higher elevations of the Amazon. Merkabody Guayusa tea is grown on small family farms and the guayusa leaves are hand-picked from the rich soil under the canopy of the Amazon Rainforest of South America. The unique trait about Traditional Guayusa is it promotes protection of the rainforest due to the unique way it is grown in ‘forest gardens’ that require natural forest shade and biodiverse jungle life to thrive. You are supporting the protection of the rain forest and these family farmers when you choose to indulge your body by enjoying healthy guayusa beverages.

  • How do you prepare Guayusa Tea?

  • One cup of Guayusa tea in the morning is easy. Bring fresh cold water with added loose leaf guayusa to a boil until desired darkness of tea. Or our boiling water to a cup with tea bags or pour over a screen with the desired amount of leaves, add honey if desired then drink.

  • Does Drinking Guayusa Provide Health Benefits?

  • Drinking guayusa herbal tea is a treat straight from ancient times. With a rich, earthy aroma and a slightly sweet finish, brewed in over 2000 years of Amazon Rainforest tradition. Merkabody Guayusa provides balanced energy without the jitters or the sudden crash commonly associated with caffeinated beverages or other coffee alternative drinks like energy drinks. Its catechins and l-theanine provide a slow release of caffeine for a calm alertness and sustainable energy, while its theophylline improves energy utilization and opens up airways and its theo-bromine dilates blood vessels, assisting in blood pressure regulation and may help in preventing heart disease. The many chlorogenic acids promote weight loss and aid in digestion while another certain amino acid produces dopamine, a perfect combination for relaxation and mental clarity. The polyphenols improve mood. Other benefits widely known to be important to human health is guayusa tea is packed with other minerals and vitamin include essential nutrients, magnesium, potassium, zinc, chromium, calcium, and vitamin D & C. This health drink from Ecuador.

  • Does Guayusa make you jittery like coffee?

  • No, even though Guayusa contains high amounts of caffeine it is less acidic than coffee. Our tea drink contains L-theanine, which also works great in counteracting the jitters.

  • Is Guayusa like green tea?

  • Guayusa and green teas, or camellia sinensis, share similar health benefits. Once you brew them, both teas are high in caffeine and possess antioxidant properties. Yet the guayusa leaf is known to have higher antioxidants leaving it the superior health brew. Consumed on a regular basis, studies show the greater risk of heart disease may be less.

  • Guayusa vs Yerba Mate, what’s the difference?

  • Guayusa or ilex guayusa is a holly tree native that grows in the Amazon Rainforest, in Ecuador while Yerba Mate is grown in the southern parts of South America.  Our Guayusa is sun dried while most Yerba Mate are dried over wood fires.  Guayusa tea contains compounds not found in yerba mate.  Both have caffeine, while guayusa contains an amino acid that relaxes and reduces stress without causing drowsiness.  It is called L-theanine which also works great in counteracting the jitters and increased heart rate associated with high caffeine content consumption.  Making l-theaniene and caffeine a super effective health combo compared to coffee , yerba mate or other energy drinks. We see this as huge health benefits.  Guayusa has a smooth flavor and does not taste bitter like yerba mate.