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About Us

Who are we?

@Merkabody, we help women find relief from symptoms so they can feel their best, shine brighter and rule their worlds.  

The wellness products we have created bring your being into optimum balance, by helping your Release what hurts, Increase your Energy, Focus & Clarity and Activates you to vibe your highest frequency possible.  As a trusted source in the fast growing cannabinoid industry, we offer phenomenal formulas by working with some of the planets ancient ingredients that are just now becoming known to the hive consciousness.

Merkabody is the Union of Light Spirit and Body.



Bah = Body

We Believe anything introduced into your body should balance and raise the vibration of your entire being: To feel better again, physically & mentally.  To Glow Up.

Merkabody was created for women who know there is a natural intelligence within the remedies the Earth provides.  We are busy raising families, taking care of our parents, excelling in our careers while making time for adventure AND need a trusted source of natural remedies that work, that gets results, that we can confidently feed to our families. Whether it is stress, pain, anxiety, low energy or just needing to feel balanced and ride a high vibe, Merkabody is committed to delivering superior quality products made to enhance your overall wellbeing.  So you can be your best and be there for all the people that rely on you.  Merkabody’s line of Earth Remedies nourishes not just the body, but the mind and soul too.  Get ready to raise your frequency.




Welcome!  I am Bessie McIntosh.  The Maker.  The woman behind the “kitchen witching” of our formulas to the creative design of our products.  A serial entrepreneur, I have spent my adult life building and promoting several ventures with a common theme. Health and sustainability.   I am awe-inspired by the unseen realms, years of clean nourishment, my connection to nature and my awareness of how and what my family consumes.   My life experience has led me to creating products that are of the highest quality, grown without pesticides, organic, non gmo and adhere to sustainable practices. Every offering we source has a unique story to tell, supports family farms and brilliant individuals who have dedicated their lives to their craft. My passion lives in the thrill of someone’s life lighting up because of my “being and doing”.  I believe and live by this philosophy, “All we have in life is how we can be of service to others”.   My mission is to help women feel their best and let their badass bossbabe self, emerge.  The world needs every woman to step into her power and share her unique gifts. Through easy daily rituals, lets get real, get to who we really are. Women supporting women is gold. 



Hello! Meet Aaron McIntosh, The Mover, my partner in love, life and our children, the two reasons for all the ways we “do and be”. Aaron is a silent mover and shaker. Embodying the mighty sasquatch, Aaron is behind the scenes, moving the pieces forward in a powerful, yet, mysterious way.   His inquisitive mind and push to find better consumables in the marketplace is the driving force behind the creation of our  Merkabody’s offerings.  He holds the balance, ensuring each offering is set at a frequency to induce higher vibrations in your Mer Ka Bah, Light- Spirit- Body.

Merkabody is the “doing”  we engage in. Connecting you to mind expanding, body healing,  entergeic enhancing  consumables; To balance and raise the vibration of your entire being. Our intention is to raise the frequency in your body, mind and soul, to get you feeling your best. We have learned, when you feel better, life flows easier and you are more available for the people and passions in your world. Merkabody’s goal is to be your trusted source for high quality, healthy, vibrant consumables.  Our mission is to inspire a state of bliss.Welcome to Merkabody, the place for Biohacking Bossbabes to feel best and live a vibrant life!



Consciously made with integrity & sustainability practices. From start to finish.

Our formulas use only the best Quality ingredients.

Our CBD formulas are Utah Certified, which is one of the most stringent certifications in the country.
  •  Full Spectum Hemp grown in the Rocky Mountains.
  • Traceable from seed to bottle, non-gmo, grown organic, free of pesticides & heavy metals.
  • We use Organic Cold Pressed Grape Seed Oil as our carrier in our tincture.
  • Every batch is 3rd Party tested and proceeded in a USDA facility using CO2 extraction.
Our Shilajit is locally harvested from high elevations in pristine locations within the Rocky Mountains.
  • Wild crafted with a steam distillation practice in small batches.
  • Pure, authentic and potent.
  • 3rd party tested twice.
Our Ormus is created by women alchemists under the full moon utilizing the wet method.
  •  Hand crafted in small batches.
  • Formulas made with essential oils. Oils sourced from pure and authentic sources.
Our Guayusa is grown in Ecuador by a collection of small family farmers.
  • Processed traditionally.
  • Rainforest Certified & Organic Certified
  • Every purchase helps protect the rainforest and sustain generational farmers.

Our Juniper berries are wild harvested in the high dessert mountains of Utah.

  • Wild Crafted and hand made in small batchs.
  • Infused for 6 months with high quality Utah produced gin.


Our Bath Tea ingredients are sourced for the highest quality and sustainability.

  • All organic and non-gmo.
  • Sourced from small farmers when possible.
  • Made with a CBD Isolate that is THC Free.

Our Formulas are packaged in Miron Glass to protect against UV Light and is air tight.

  •  Prolongs shelf life and preserves freshness.
  • Slows down the decaying process of organic matter.
  • BPA Free and Heavy Duty. We suggest you keep your bottles and reuse.

We stride to be on the cutting edge of sustainable packaging. 

We cannot wait for the industry to catch up with our ideas.     


We are committed to our planet!

Feel good knowing you are making a difference.  Every time you choose Merkabody for your own well being, you are voting with your dollars to protect our planet. 

We understand it is overwhelming to focus on our Planetary Issues, because there are so many.  Merkabody has pledged to donate a minimum of 1% of our profits to 1% for the Planet. 

Only 3% of philanthropy goes toward environmental giving.  As a member of 1%, giving is easy, effective & accessible. To date, this collective of conscious business owners have invested over $250 million in environmental solutions.

At Merkabody, we understand a healthy ecosystem, clean air, water and land, is the base of everything.

Thank you for helping us do better! We appreciate you!  


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